Bocas Del Toro Town Enjoy The World Class Beaches Here

Panama has many cities that are famous for its beauty. Some cities remain in the top list of tourists and some not, but, each city has something exciting and unique to show. Once not much-explored city is Bocas del Toro Town, it is also known by the name Bocas Town. It is also the Bocas del Toro Province capital. I have been to this city a few months back and thought to share my experiences with you, like what I like here and what impressed me the most. First of all Bocas Town is present at the south tip of Isla Colón, which is present in the Caribbean Sea. This gives the town its fantastic overview. The city has numbers of beaches and national parks. Some of the major attractions of  Bocas Town are:


  • Starfish Beach


The beach has got its name because of the presence of starfishes. You can see here lots of starfishes, moreover, the beach is calm and sandy.


  • Carenero Island


This is the Island present a few hundred meters in the east of Isla Colón. If you have time, get on this island and see its beauty. The island has no roads.


  • Playa Bluff


This is another popular beach in Bocas Town. The beach is bordered by trees and has scenic views all around. The strong waves coming from the sea is popular for surfing.


  • Bird Island


This place is the home to some of the rare red-billed tropicbird. At Siman Bolivar Park, you can also check some local crafts sold by artisans there.


  • Playa Boca Del Drago


The seashore has clear waters that give a clear view of starfishes here. This is the major attraction of this beach. I thoroughly enjoyed the view and it was mesmerizing.