Lacombe: Exploring The Historic Town

The historic town of Lacombe is a drive away from Red Deer. On my visit to this city, there are so many things to do and see. You are never going to run out of options. There is something for everybody. Things that you should include in your itinerary on your visit have been mentioned below.

  • Gull Lake

I was surprised to find out that this city has the first provincial park of Lacombe County, the Aspen Provincial Park. Spending some time at the sandy beaches has proven to be quite relieving. This place is less crowded. If you want, you have picnic with your family; there are picnic areas for doing that. I went fishing in this year-round fishing spot.

  • Ellis Bird Farm

This is a place of natural beauty. You will be able to see numerous colorful birds here. Visit with your family and have great fun. Enjoy delicious in the cafe of the farm. Breathe in the view of the farm and spend some time within greenery.

  • Flying Cross Ranch

Every visited a ranch? If you have experienced the life at the ranch at Flying Cross Ranch, here, you will be able to ride horses. In case, you are traveling with kids, there are rides available for them. The ranch is also known to hold some fun activities all throughout the year.

  • Music in the Park

This is an extensive series of outdoor concerts which are held at Lacombe Community Market every year. This program is known to organize a wide of performances every week in the evening. There are market vendors and food trucks lined across the street. So, if you are feeling hungry, taste the delectable food served by the food time. I had a great time listening to the music and strolling around the street.