Must-See Places to Visit In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. And it is the most populous city of Argentina. Buenos Aires stands for “good airs” or “fair winds.” It’s a really beautiful city. There are plenty of attractions to see in Buenos Aires. Let’s take a closer look below.


  • Palermo


It’s where you will find the most happening cafes, restaurants and bars. Palermo is the most popular destination in Buenos Aires. You will find world class accommodation here. Whether it is hostels, furnished apartments, apart-hotels or hotels, you will find great accommodation. It’s a safe destination if you are concerned about that. We recommend Plaza Serrano and Botanic Garden while you are in Palermo.


  • Puerto Madero


If you wish to soak in the beauty of modern skyscrapers, then you should head to Puerto Madero. It is the most modern part of Buenos Aires. The trendy and wealthy come to Puerto Madero to enjoy the nightclubs, restaurants and breathtaking skyscrapers. Puerto Madero was the result of the largest urbanization project that ever executed in Buenos Aires.


  • La Boca


If you love to ogle at colorful houses, then you should head to La Boca. This part of the city is close to the old port of Buenos Aires. When you are in La Boca, you will hear a lot about football and tango. You will sense the Italian roots as soon as you set foot in this part of the city. La Boca is regarded as one of the most important cultural centers of Buenos Aires. For this, La Boca attracts plenty of tourists every year.


  • San Telmo


If you are a lover of antiquities, then you will love every minute spent in San Telmo. San Telmo is the oldest residential province of Buenos Aires. You will instantly love the historical vibe of this place. Back in the 19th century, San Telmo was an important center. The old world vibe of San Telmo is thanks to the antique shops, museums, architectural landmarks preserved by the government.


  • Microcentro


This place is really living during business hours. You will see people, taxis and buses everywhere. If you love crowded places, then Microcentro is the ideal place to be in Buenos Aires. It is plenty government buildings, international offices of corporate businesses and bank headquarters. There are so many Irish pubs in this part of the city and you will love the ambience provided by these bars.