San José The Place With Mesmerizing Beauties

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and it is one of most visited tourist spots in Central America. The city is located the Central Valley region and it has Talamanca Mountains towards the south and the northern part of the city has volcanoes. Some of major attractions of city are Spanish colonial buildings, such as ornate, neoclassical National Theatre of Costa Rica. Plaza de la Cultura of downtown, which is a popular gathering spot and below the plaza, there is a Pre-Columbian Gold Museum that displays hundreds of gleaming artifacts. Other attractions of San Jose include:


  • Teatro Nacional


The Plaza de la Cultura resides the Teatro Nacional, it’s the most revered building, which was constructed in the year 1897. The city features a columned neoclassical façade, which is flanked by Beethoven statues. The copious lobby and auditorium made of marble are lined with paintings that depict 19th-century life in various facets. You can spend hours looking at these fantastic paintings and can sit excellent on-site cafe to relax your feet.

  • Playa Negra

The northwestern end of Cahuita has Playa Negra, which is long, and black-sand beach flying the Bandera Azul Ecológica. This is a flag that indicates that the beach is kept to the highest ecological standard. Undoubtedly, this is the top spot of Cahuita for swimming and the best part is the beach never remains crowded.

  • Wilson Botanical Garden

The Wilson Botanical Garden is offering many eye catching sights. The garden is spread in the area of 10 hectares and it is surrounded by natural forest of 355 hectares. This is a world-class Botanical Garden and was established by Robert and Catherine Wilson in the year 1963. It’s popular for its unique collection. You can check to see beautiful orchids, bromeliads, many medicinal plants. The birdwatchers can see here some of rare birds.

  • Llanos De Cortés

Among the many waterfalls in Costa Rica, the Llanos De Cortés is one of the best. It 12m-high, 15m-wide and has a spectacular view, the sound of the waterfall could be heard, before you reach at the spot. The water on fall drop in a tranquil pond that has white sandy beach and it is the perfect for sunbathing and swimming. You can spend the whole day here.